Modbus RTU Master to KNX TP Gateway – 100 points

Part No: INKNXMBM1000100

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Integrate any Modbus RTU slave device with any KNX device or system using ETS. The aim of this integration is to make accessible any Modbus registers data and resources from a KNX system, as if it was part of the own KNX system and vice-versa.


  • KNX Certified.
  • Support for Modbus RTU only (RS485).
  • Support for KNX TP.
  • Supports KNX standard datapoints (DPTs) that guarantees a seamless integration with any KNX device or system.
  • Operations for each signal to adapt Modbus register to demanding KNX installations: E.g. multiplication, division and equal to.
  • Reduced dimensions, compact housing.
  • Up to 100 Communication Objects.
  • Up to 255 Modbus Devices.
  • Easy integration & configuration with standard ETS database.

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Weight 310 g
Dimensions 120 × 93 × 68 mm
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